Josear Campamento Extremo


For over 10 years Josear Campamento Extremo has been providing a great summer experience to kids everywhere. JCX is a week long extreme sports summer camp, providing training and lessons in; Motocross, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Surf, Paintball and Horseback riding along with numerous other activities.  At JCX each child is promised an incredible week full of recreational activities, sports, and adventures of all form.


All JCX Camps include:

  • Shared Bungalows for campers
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Along with snacks throughout the day)
  • Water & Sports Drinks
  • Fun and Educational Activities
  • JCX Camp T-Shirt and Hat
  • Wetsuit & Surfboard Rentals
  • Horseback Riding Gear Rental
  • Rental of Paintball Guns & Ammo
  • Use of Motocross Tracks
  • Use of Mountain Biking, Hiking, & Horseback riding trials

Sample JCX Day Schedule

8:00 Wake up call

8:15 Warm up and Stretch

8:30 Morning Hike/Mountain Bike

9:30 Breakfast

10:30 Motocross Lessons

1:00 Paintball Games

3:00 Team Building Activity (Tug of War, Chile Pong, Water balloon fights)

4:30 Dinner

5:30 Showers

6:30 Schedule and Gear Prep for next day

7:15 Bonfire/Movie & Popcorn

10:00 Bedtime